Nemeas application template (if you need it)


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    Nemeas application template (if you need it) Empty Nemeas application template (if you need it)

    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:15 pm

    Hello, welcome to the application form of Nemea, fill in all the questions thoroughly and be honest.

    1.Personal information

    [1.1]Your name:
    [1.4]What are your playtimes (from when to when on per day basis, be very specific):
    [1.5]Can you keep a 100% attendance with our raiding schedule:

    2.Character Information

    [2.1]Character name:
    [2.2]Class (and spec if hybrid):
    [2.3]Server if crossrealm:
    [2.4]Armory link: [url]PUT LINK HERE[/url]
    (if you don't have your raiding gear on in armory at all times, make a profile of one on
    [2.5]Explain your gem and gear choice:
    [2.6]Current guild:
    [2.7]Played time:

    3.Raiding information

    [3.1]What is the last boss you've killed in progress raids?:
    [3.2]Are you involved in any arena pvp worth mentioning? If so write about your achievements here:
    [3.3]Are you experienced (25 man and arena) at playing any other classes aside from your own? Also, if you have any well geared alts provide links to Armory:
    [3.4]Where do you feel you can improve the most when it comes to raiding (NOT gear OR experience BUT skillswise)?:
    [3.5]Post your key-binds here (this make take a while but is important):
    [3.6]Post a screenshot of your interface:

    4.Miscellaneous information

    [4.1]People who can vouch for you:
    [4.2]Nemea members who can vouch for you:
    [4.3]Have you seriously played any MMO in the past? If so name them and any achievements you have had there:
    [4.4]How do you feel about guild progress?:
    [4.5]What's your view on criticism in a progress situation and how do you handle it?:
    [4.6]How would you, in short, describe your personality and behavior in both text and voice chats?
    [4.7]What are your plans for Cataclysm?:
    [4.8]Is there anything else you think we should know about you?:

    NOTE: Make it easier for us to read your apply by colouring your answers or the questions.

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