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    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:19 pm

    Good healers are a rare breed so if you think you can compete or beat the ones we have there will be a spot for you.

    What we look for:

    We are looking for people who are competitive by nature and constantly want to improve themselves, we got some of the best players of Bladefist in Nemea and you should be able to compete at that level. PvE should be the main focus of your game and being active is key aswell. We will raid 5 days a week with invites starting between 18:30 to 18:45 till 23:00 plus on serious progress raids to 24:00 or beyond. Might also start earlier but everything is discussed beforehand. Friday and Saturday being offdays but we will schedule 10 man raids those days. We will force professions for maximum pve benefit later on. To us the most important is attitude, motivation and the striving to be a better player. We value this higher than previous experience.

    Nemea can offer a stable raiding environment with top notch organized raids with great people who like to challenge each other to be the best. On progress raids we are 100% focused on tackling the boss, there won't be much random talking. Can be a bit harsh enviroment but everyone with an equal goal, to kill the boss. On farm there is more chit chatting around but we still push instances to clear everything as fast as possible to have more time for fun stuff(aka progress). We use ventrilo and you must have a proper headset and be able to talk. You dont need to talk alot but confirming stuff or alerting the raid is a must. To fit in it is recommended that you chat on vent so ppl get to know you.

    You simply fight for your spots and if you prove that you are a valuble player you will make member and help us on our first kills. Our decision is based on your performance, activity and attitude.

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