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    [Declined]Warlock application Empty [Declined]Warlock application

    Post  Lurpz on Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:48 am

    Presonal stuff

    Your name: Tommi Virolainen
    Age: 17
    Country: Finland

    Playtimes : got school during days. im avaible from 17-00 usually but for example saturdays and fridays i might go out with friends and get drunk or something.

    Can you keep a 100% attendance with our raiding schedule: Most likely if anything special wont pop up, got my exam weeks thou when i will be bit less active.

    2.Character Information

    Character name: Lurpz

    Class (and spec if hybrid): Warlock, usually affli/demo been destro for 10 man heroics. helps with spikes and adds for example.

    Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bladefist&cn=Lurpz

    Explain your gem and gear choice: Used gems to get sp due to spirit and socket bonuses and some haste too. chosen mostly gear that will keep my hit cap up but provide as much haste/crit/sp. and less spirit.

    Current guild: I left ancient, since i didint enjoy the raids really and had some personal issues with few certain players.

    Played time: 45d 7h. this char. had mage back in tbc.

    3.Raiding information

    What is the last boss you've killed in progress raids?: Saurfang on 10 man heroic and blood queen on 25 man.

    Are you involved in any arena pvp worth mentioning? Arena has been mostly on fun basis for me nothing serious.

    Are you experienced (25 man and arena) at playing any other classes aside from your own? Also, if you have any well geared alts provide links to Armory: No alts worth mentioning hoping this aint a problem

    Where do you feel you can improve the most when it comes to raiding (NOT gear OR experience BUT skillswise)?: Mostly maximizing dmg in hard fights and use some cool downs more efficiently.

    Post your key-binds here:
    I have my dps ablities in buttons 1-5 and F,E,R,T,Q
    Other stuff potions cooldowns, speed boots Sift+1-4 and ctrl+E,R

    Post a screenshot of your interface:

    4.Miscellaneous information

    People who can vouch for you: Maby some ancient members i dont know how happy they are now that i left.

    Nemea members who can vouch for you: Georgesile!

    Have you seriously played any MMO in the past? If so name them and any achievements you have had there: Played mostly cs and wolfenstein before WoW but nothing else atm really.

    How do you feel about guild progress?: It's what makes me put 110% effort into my gaming. its awwsome feeling when u need to really do your everything to get soething down.

    What's your view on criticism in a progress situation and how do you handle it?: If i screw up im not gonna whine of critisism. Its just something raid leaders need to do to keep thing going.

    How would you, in short, describe your personality and behavior in both text and voice chats? I Talk alot :) maby even too much sometimes but i'll shut up if told to :) I like to think im a funny guy even thou my jokes are not allways the best, but i know how to behave.

    What are your plans for Cataclysm?: Play, have fun and clear content :)

    ]Is there anything else you think we should know about you?: Not that i can think of but i guess you will find out if im accepted ;)

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    Post  Zalar on Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:53 am

    well you answered all the questions, i still like people writing their own creative application more though, but i guess the template does it too, since it asks all the important stuff.

    your gear seems okay, the wand and one of the trinkets should be exchanged though, but of course that's always a matter of dropluck too and at least for affliction the abyssal rune is not that bad on the average icc fight with movement / add nuking involved. Gemming seems fine too.

    With destruction / demo spec I wouldn't spec 3 pts into suppression though with 13% hit from gear, you only need 1 point. if you have hit issues in a 10man for example, i'd go with the hit belt from the merchants, in my opinion you can't afford speccing 3 pts into supp when playing demo / destru ( soullink is very very important when progressing hardmodes, i think its a must-have in destru spec ). So i'd cut suppression to 1, get the hit belt for 10mans and get SL when playing destru. In Demo you'd have that anyways, thats np.

    Apart from that your experience seems good (hardmode experience & lk down) and the gear is not that bad either. gems and enchants are okay too, not much one can complain about there.

    A high attendance & good raiding moral would be great, good luck with your app.

    Oh and LT glyph is still > immolate glyph i think, although i havent looked at the current theorycrafting post-3.3 concerning that issue.

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    Post  Dinerya on Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:36 am

    The application is short.

    Ok geared.
    The experience is good.

    Just missing the little more effort in a application, otherwise this looks good.

    Gl with application


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    Post  Darassus on Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:54 pm

    Would really like to see a WWS/world of logs report Smile
    Gear is ok, itemization is kinda "meeh" but depends what you have had the chance to get aswell.

    Lt glyph vs immo is really a matter of how much spirit u have, but with your gear its pretty even. depends what you prefer and playstyle.

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    Post  Dárth on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:45 pm

    Hey mate i'm afraid we can't offer you a spot in our guild, we got already 3 warlocks 100% active, and u will never gonna take a spot..
    good luck in future.


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