[Declined]Mage Application - (X-Realm Transfer)


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    Post  Boatrace on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:18 pm

    1.Personal information

    [1.1]Your name: Adam Turner
    [1.2]Age: 22
    [1.3]Country: England
    [1.4]What are your playtimes (from when to when on per day basis, be very specific): Every evening 19:00 onwards until whenever needed
    [1.5]Can you keep a 100% attendance with our raiding schedule: Yes Ofc.

    2.Character Information

    [2.1]Character name: Boatrace will need to change on transfer as its taken Sad
    [2.2]Class (and spec if hybrid): Mage / arcane pve / frost pvp
    [2.3]Server if crossrealm: Laughing skull
    [2.4]Armory link: [url]PUT LINK HERE[/url] http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Laughing+Skull&cn=Boatrace
    (if you don't have your raiding gear on in armory at all times, make a profile of one on chardev.org)
    [2.5]Explain your gem and gear choice: I have gemmed for SP/Haste to maximise my SP whilst keeping a nice level of haste and SP/spirit for blue for socket bonus + crit from spirit.
    [2.6]Current guild: N/A was in gnome pest control inc but left due to net problems which are being sorted in the next 1-2 weeks.
    [2.7]Played time: about 44 days.

    3.Raiding information

    [3.1]What is the last boss you've killed in progress raids?: Blood Princes 25 man icc
    [3.2]Are you involved in any arena pvp worth mentioning? If so write about your achievements here: i suck at pvp but i do it for the lol factor!
    [3.3]Are you experienced (25 man and arena) at playing any other classes aside from your own? Also, if you have any well geared alts provide links to Armory: i have tabard of brute force on my rogue 300 arena wins ranked and i cleared all 25 man content pre wrath with my first level 70 a paladin. toc 25/naxx 25/
    [3.4]Where do you feel you can improve the most when it comes to raiding (NOT gear OR experience BUT skillswise)?: i have recently switched some addons around and rebound keys which should cut out a few seconds waste to push just that little extra dps out.
    [3.5]Post your key-binds here (this make take a while but is important):
    1- arcane blast q- counterspell
    2- arcane missiles w- iceblock
    3- arcane barrage e- polymorph
    4- spellsteal r- mana shield
    5- blink t- fire ward
    6- remove curse y- frost ward
    7- presence of mind S1- flamestrike s2- Blizzard

    [3.6]Post a screenshot of your interface:


    4.Miscellaneous information

    [4.1]People who can vouch for you: no one on bladefist Smile
    [4.2]Nemea members who can vouch for you: no one again.
    [4.3]Have you seriously played any MMO in the past? If so name them and any achievements you have had there: nope just wow
    [4.4]How do you feel about guild progress?: i dont mind wiping continully on a boss as long as each attempt 1% gets shaved off the previous attempt Smile i will spend all night on 1 boss if i have to.
    [4.5]What's your view on criticism in a progress situation and how do you handle it?: i take it all on board and adopt my game play accordingly.
    [4.6]How would you, in short, describe your personality and behavior in both text and voice chats? i talk alot can be quite funny at times and i am a dead laid back guy so not much bothers/annoys me.
    [4.7]What are your plans for Cataclysm?: level 85 baby server first mage! and raiding ofc Wink
    [4.8]Is there anything else you think we should know about you?: im a troll!

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    [Declined]Mage Application - (X-Realm Transfer) Empty Re: [Declined]Mage Application - (X-Realm Transfer)

    Post  Dinerya on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:30 pm


    Your gear and experience is way behind our standards for our 25 man heroic ICC. You havent been on surden kills in 25man normal either. Which means you are underexperienced, of what we are looking for.

    The application was not that great either. Just a few lines here and there aint enough. You need to be more specific, and answer more of what we are asking for. !

    Previous experience? Vanilla wow? TBC?
    Previous guilds? Reason for leaving them?

    Lots of things you could have in your application. But with your gear and experience Im afraid it is to low.

    Good Luck With Apply


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    [Declined]Mage Application - (X-Realm Transfer) Empty Re: [Declined]Mage Application - (X-Realm Transfer)

    Post  Dárth on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:48 pm

    Hey mate.

    I have to agree with Dinerya, low gear low expirience and i have to decline you application. Good luck in future.


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