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    Post  clonex on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:31 pm

    Let me start with smtg about myself. My name is Dario El Assadi , born and living in Croatia , currently 23 year old.

    Playing an Orc rogue named Clonex
    and Death Knight named Wwolf

    Usualy play at 12:00-15:00 and then from 16:00-XX:XX every day .Im used do 7 day raid for 6+ hours as i was raider in one of top guild during tbc and at start of WotLK.

    My choice of gems are AP>HASTE as combat rogue gems go like EXP>HIT>AP>HASTE and as im Expertise caped and mh+posin hit caped i use AP gems and AP+Haste for socket bonuses and have 1 Nightmare tear for Meta socket bonus.Gear is mostly based on overall boost to assassination rogues (less arp more ap , haste and crit), with this gear atm im expertise and hit caped but everything can be changed , im also colecting some gear for combat.

    I have about 51 days played on rogue but i started to play rogue few days before Wotlk as i was asked if i want to reroll.My old main Alpis have over 150 days played.

    I am RL in mythology atm but due to lack of interest in some progresing i decided to apply on guild that are progress ranked near my skill rank.

    Last boss iv killed on progressing was sadly Sindragosa.

    Well im not doin any serious arenas atm but at start of WotLK i was in top ranked 2v2 after week 1 but my partner decided to transfer for aq achivement so my real arenas stoped at that time.Also have some old 2k rating and 10 wins in row.

    Before WotLK i was playing holy paladin and was good with it , so whole switching back to heal is not a problem for me.Also my alt is Tank so im kinda experianced in that also.

    Keybinds: Movement:E front,S back,W strafe left,R strafe right
    1-7 : 1 SnD ,2 Mutilate , 3 Rapture , 4 Envenom , 5 Kick , 6 Fok , 7 Kidney.
    1-6 Stelth :1 FoK ,2 Ambush , 3 Garrote ,4 Cheap shot , 5 Sap , 6 Distract
    Rest Keyboard: Q Sprint , A Evasion , G CoS, T Glove enchant , X Bombs , S Dismantle , F Health Stone , F1 Feint , F2 ToTT 2nd target
    Mouse: Scroll right Cold Blood , Scroll left Vanish , Scroll up ToTT 1st target , scroll back Boots enchant, left button Blood Fury , 2nd left button HoB

    https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/i/wowscrnshot033110000950.jpg/ UI

    Well improvement is always possible , is it geting used to players so u can play with whole raid and with that boost you and all others , geting some non obvious things that u get with practicing all up to desire to do better.

    Ppl who can vouch are mainly in mythology but theirs reaction cant be predicted , also my former Rl From the dark embrace hes playing enh shamy in ensidia named belthswe but he knows me under different name (zeroo or elpis).

    I have played Knight online , aion and Age of connan.

    Guild progress is something that defines guild players , how good are thay at what thay do and mostly better guilds have more mature players and stable community.
    Criticism is thing that can help alot if taken well its not there to abuse player but its there to improve his preformanse and to push his limits of playing to other lvl.

    Im most of time in good mood and trying to cheer ppl up , but also there is time when i listen very well and hear things that are said , not like im yust talked to and i dont care about it.

    Havent made any plans yet i like playing a rogue but i also liked healing alot , and every segment of game i need to do for my guild i do it without any problems.

    Im rly confidante , fast learning and fast over all player , who most of all like chalange to get me better and better in what i am doing atm.Was raiding in one of top 10 pve guilds and have all knowladge of whiping for several weeks and still stay calm and focused.When its needed i can extend my physical and mental limits for certen encounter or for guild over all.Also have 2 best proffesions for rogue Eng+JC.

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    [Accepted] Clonex - Rogue Empty Re: [Accepted] Clonex - Rogue

    Post  Dinerya on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:50 pm

    Hello there:

    You played in The Dark Embrance @ Neptulon?

    The application is fine. If you have played in The Dark Embrance at neptulon you have tons of experience.! Played on Neptulon as alliance my self.

    But atm we got 3 rogues. But I would actually recomand you to the guild anyways. Due to previous guilds etc. The Dark Embrance was known in the EU envirement.

    Good Luck with the application


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